How Does Life Coach Finder Work?

The premise of the site is simple, we find the right Coach for a client! We do that by using 2 simple questions and then searching:

  • Most important matching criteria: A Niche specialist in your exact suburb?
  • 2nd most important matching criteria: A Coach specialising in your Niche  not in your suburb
  • 3rd Most important? Criteria: A generalist Life Coach

Why isn't the Suburb ranked higher?

This is easy! 99% of Coaching can be conducted? perfectly on the phone or over Skype! We would rather you have the right type of Coach over one who isn't a specialist in your required field but lives near you. If you had a sore eye you wouldn't go to the knee specialist just because he lives closer to you!

What if I can't find a Coach?

This is nearly impossible because of the way the site works. You will always be matched to a coach who is at least a generalist with skills in several Niche areas. Of course you can always? contact the team at The Life Coaching College on 1800 424556 to find a qualified Coach if required.