Bring a positive attitude at all times. 

  • If you want to be seen as a leader or great operator, you must always have a positive attitude in all situations. Other staff will witness this behaviour and will role model the same. When you are seen as being this type of person, others will be naturally drawn to you, wanting to be just like you. This will occur on an unconscious level, which is awesome!
  1. Listen first and talk second.
  • Have you ever noticed how the people who always talk first and listen second are considered as either ‘know it alls’ or just ‘plain rude’. They might be great people, but this 1st impression of them sticks and is hard to shake. They say ‘listen with your eyes and your ears first, and then use your mouth!’ Great advice, and works a treat!
  1. Always show interest in others first.
  • We all crave that feeling that everyone is interested in what  we do and who we are. By showing interest in others first, will create great rapport with the person, and with rapport comes a reversal of interest i.e. the person automatically becomes very interested in what you are doing and is more than happy to assist. Great advice for team leaders and managers.
  1. Respect for your appearance/presentation.
  • You can’t put a value on first impressions; they literally can make or break you! You might say ‘but its more about the person then their appearance’ and I’m not going to argue with that, but when it comes to that very first meeting or contact, your appearance is everything! How others perceive your appearance and presentation can make a massive difference to you career progression.
  1. Always give sincere compliments.
  • Complementing your colleagues every day is a must do! BUT! it must be sincere in nature, not a ‘throw away’ comment. People want to know they are doing a great job and that they are liked in the workplace. This creates great workplace morale when used effectively.  And remember the BOSS loves a compliment as well.
  1. Lead by example.
  • Show great leadership by leading by example. Be the first person to put their hand up, offer assistance to someone struggling, support the new staff member. Always look forward and don’t get stuck in the past. By leading from the front you will naturally bring people along creating forward momentum.


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