Have you ever found that change can happen in an instant and start small? Maybe you met someone you hadn’t seen for a while, or you took a new turn, only to be presented with an opportunity. We often call moments like these a coincidence, but I think of them as a coin-cidence, because they are like depositing money in a piggybank. The coin has a habit of growing into a small fortune if you invest it wisely.

Here’s an example. Last weekend, with everyone else sick at home, I made a quick decision to go the shopping centre to buy groceries. I hadn’t planned to do this earlier in the day. While in the supermarket, I ran into a lady I used to work with in a previous job, but hadn’t seen for some 15 years. She came up to me, more accurately! We got talking about what we and other colleagues have been up to, and I got her email address. Now, from contact made since, I have the phone number of a friend I’d since lost with also. I can make some new connections.

See, it’s a small thing, a little coin perhaps, but something that leaves me richer than before. If I invest this coin by making the call and perhaps arranging a meet-up, the wealth in the piggybank will only build.

Just when we think life might be ordinary and routine, we receive little coins of opportunity, which we can throw away or invest for the future.

What coins are you being given now?

Coach Michael Ballek

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