Once you start setting priorities successfully, you’ll see how helpful it is. You may even find that you have fun with it. But there might be a temptation to go list crazy and over-organize, setting too many priorities and making it impossible for yourself to get everything done.

In terms of big goals and major priorities, you can really only have a handful at one time. It’s impossible to have everything at number one. You need to be careful about how many priorities you set and here are some ideas for doing that.
How Long Should Your List Be?

How long should your list of priorities be? This is hard to answer because it differs from one person to another. It depends on how much time you have and how good you are at managing your time.

The best way to discover your own ideal number of priorities is to make a plan, follow it, and then see how it goes. Create a system for setting priorities and start using it to generate your daily to-do lists, and then put it into action. You’ll know quickly whether you have too much on your plate, or whether there’s room for more.
Don’t Get Over-Complicated

If you’re using a complicated prioritizing system where you have categories like A1 or C4 for your tasks, you’re definitely making things too difficult for yourself. Your system for prioritizing should be simple. There are many approaches such as ranking, rating and classifying, but whatever approach you choose should be quick and easy to implement. It should take you only minutes each day to plug in your to-do list items and prioritize.

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