Have you ever looked at wildly successful people and wondered how they did it? A lot of the time we put it down to fortune, that person went to a private school, they had money behind them, they were in the right place at the right time and so on. I have some good news for you (or bad news if you thought that the above things were all you needed) you can create success if you really want to. Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren and Walt Disney are all famous examples of people who had nothing and are now extraordinarily successful. So what were the three simple steps that they all followed, consciously or unconsciously. BE, DO, HAVE. You need to BE who you need to be, to DO what you need to do in order to HAVE what you want to have. A little confused? Let me explain further.
For example say you want to HAVE a wildly successful career as a public speaker for example. You want to HAVE recognition, success and a great pay check to go with it. Or maybe you want to HAVE a a fabulous relationship with a partner, a white picket fence house and 2.5 children. Whatever it is that you want to HAVE name it and write it down.
BE: So what do you need to BE in order to get what you want to HAVE. Look at someone that you know who is successful in an area. If you had to name five traits that person had what would they be? For some people it might be confidence, assertiveness, compassion, understanding and attentiveness. For others it may be determination, focus and so on. The key is that successful people have the necessary traits to get them where they want to be. What are the key traits that you need to get what you want? Write them down and then start being that person. Are you crazy you ask? How can I just become that person? Just make a decision to be that person, remind yourself of that every day and fake it until you feel it. Just plugging my own profession here, if you need support, get a life coach!

DO: Second step is “doing” A lot of us are good at talking about what we are going to do, so excited and motivated however if we don’t take the next step, it just wont happen. You need to DO something in order to get something. Using our public speaking example, in order to become a world speaker, you first need to talk in front of people. You might join a toast masters group, approach a local community group, deliver a speech at someone’s birthday party or wedding. And to do that you need to BE confident in approaching a group etc. Starting to see the links?

HAVE: So now that you have decided to BE the person you need to be and know what you need to do, you can now have what you want to have. How awesome are you? And all because of three little words.
Nadine Bowen
Life Coach
Best Foot Forward Consulting

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