As human beings we love success. We celebrate successful people, talk about successful businesses and all strive for success in our lives. One of the main reasons that people don’t go for success is that they are afraid of failure. So what if I told you, there was no such thing as failure, only feedback.

So this is how it works. You try something completely new, out of your comfort zone, let’s say learning a new language. You  enrol in a course in which the method of learning is to repeat phases over and over again.  After three classes, you decide that you cant learn the language and therefore believe you have failed at that course. What if you reframed your thoughts and decided that your challenge with learning these new words is only feedback?  You just need to find a different way of learning, perhaps writing the words down and forming pictures of them in your head. This works better for you and suddenly you have mastered the basics and are a success.

This thought process can be applied to anything you do in your life. If it isn’t working out the right way, just say to yourself “This isn’t failure, only feedback” and then just adjust what you are doing until you are heading in the right direction. Then the feedback is clearly “Keep doing what you are doing”

Simple isn’t it?  And how awesome is it, that you can no longer fail. So get out there, live your life and create success.

Coach Nadine Bowen

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